1 September 2016

Blogging While Traveling

Not only are you juggling the fear of whether you have packed everything you may need, whether you have anything to wear by the pool but you’ve also got a blog to look after. It can be tricky especially for those of us who work on our blogs by ourselves. Do we share holiday updates while traveling around the world in different time zones or do we simply give ourselves a break? It can be tough to make that decision & I know that I always have trouble deciding what I should do. Battling against the desire to keep up with a schedule vs enjoying a well earned break. 

Whether you are planning to keep a schedule or simply share a handful of posts whilst away, here are a few tips & tricks that I’ve found work for me when it comes to holiday time alongside looking after your blog. 

PLAN & SCHEDULE: Planning & scheduling posts is a very common ground for a lot of us in the current world of blogging, whether it’s for posts, videos, tweets, social media links & all the other bits & pieces. I like to get organised in advance & I find that it gives me the opportunity to enjoy my holiday but also keep up with regular postings on my blog. It definitely helps me feel a lot more prepared. 

PHOTOGRAPHS: Photograph in bulk. Sometimes I might like to spontaneously upload something while I’m away & generally it would a bunch of photos from a specific day of my holiday. If a have collection of photographs it means that have lots of photos to choose from when it comes to adding them to the post. 

BE FLEXIBLE: I think it helps if you can be flexible whilst you are away. Not everything will to plan & there is nothing wrong with that. Take a deep breath & remember that you are only human & take the opportunity & embrace the chance to switch up your routine & content. 

BE HONEST: There is nothing wrong about being on holiday & taking some time out! Not just while you are on holiday but just in general. Your blog, your rules. If you want to take the week off you should, never feel the pressure to post daily or whatever your schedule may be. Make sure you take time to enjoy your break otherwise it may feel like you’ve never been away.  

TIME ZONES: Being aware of timezones is important. Although I don’t generally have to deal with a change in timezones, it is something we should be aware of. It’s always worth doing a timezone check before you hit the schedule button. That way you can be sure that you know what it going live when. 

At the end of the day you’re on holiday so take a break! It’s important to remember we are only human & you aren’t expected to maintain a full schedule while lapping up the sun at the beach. Holidays don’t happen everyday so make sure you take a step make from you blog, leave your laptop in your hotel room & take time to switch off. Relax & enjoy your break. It then enables you to return to your blog refreshed & recharged. 

B x

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