13 September 2016

Find Beauty Inspiration

Beauty has been something that I have always found inspiring, probably from about the age of 14. I use to use makeup as a way to cover my blemishes & imperfections, however now it’s a creative outlet. I love experimenting with all kinds of beauty products from makeup, skincare, body products, all kinds of products really from fake tan, to body butters & nail polishes. I adore the beauty world & all that it’s done for me & made me realise. But I thought I’d share a few sources of inspiration today. 

I think if it was acceptable & I had the opportunity to ask complete strangers about their beauty regime I would. I think there is something so interesting about everyday women & the makeup they wear & the skincare products that they use Or learning about how they developed a relationship with makeup & beauty products & what tips have been passed down between the other ladies in their lives. When I watch people do their makeup, whether it is in person with family & friends or if it’s online watching my favourite beauty gurus, I always zone in, in what make they’re using, now they’re applying it, how they styled their hair & what they’re wearing. 

One of the most obvious choices for beauty inspiration is the blogging world. And even though it might not be like what it use to be & there is a lot more advertorial content being produced, there are real people behind those word & glossy pictures. What I love about blogs is that it’s just like talking to your bestfriend about your favourite products, whilst getting a honest & relatable review on a product at the same time. Here are a couple of my favourites to visit: 


As well as blogs I also always love to have a scroll through pinterest & weheartit for beauty inspiration. Just general images of beauty products & behind the scenes of various fashion weeks. It’s all something I find super inspiring especially when it comes to trying out & creating my own makeup looks. 

Let’s be honest, the beauty community on YT is huge & there is never just one channel I’m in love with. For beauty inspiration at the moment is definitely Anna from ‘theannaedit’. I don’t think I’ve ever talked about how much I love her & her content. I’ll leave a link so that you can check her content out & let me know what you think. 

Books & magazines are a great & single way to increase you knowledge. I love beauty books & magazines for inspiration because it gives you the opportunity to give you the opportunity to see what products others are using & others are loving. You can get heaps of advice & tips & tricks from personal experiences in books & magazines too. Sometimes I just prefer to pick up a book or magazine rather than reading a BP or watching a YT video. I enjoy finding out who has been the makeup artist of specific shoots & I also enjoy looking at different photography pages. This is definitely one of my favourite things to on a Sunday afternoon. 

Let me know where you like to get your beauty inspiration from.

B x

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