11 September 2016

What I Do To Manage Bad Flare Up Days

Living with a chronic illness is hard. I have been chronically sick you nearly a year now. There are a few things I have found helpful when I’m under bad flare ups. 

Now, every individual is different & doesn’t mean what helps one, helps others. I want to share my tips with managing symptoms for those days when you just can’t get out of bed. 

I’m going to leave my previous post linked where you will be able to read all about my experience with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome over the past year. 

NO.1 REST > Rest is definitely over ratted especially when it comes to chronic illness & because we often feel like we are pressured into working & being like a completely normal person. Yet it’s often us who feel guilty about resting so much & force ourselves to be active, which will really only make our symptoms worse. I struggled with this when I was first diagnosed & it took a long time to get my head around & accept that I was sick & this was just part of it. No matter what happens, if you feel tired, please leave all work & rest. Our bodies are already fighting. They need energy to work & resting at proper intervals is important for well functioning of your body. 

NO.2 WATER > Unless there is a medical reason that you have to drink a limited amount of water, be sure to keep yourself well hydrated. Well hydrated bodies work well & can help fight pain & infections. 

NO.3 DISTRACT YOURSELF > If your health allows, you can read books. Simple novels or children books are great for days when brain fog is high. You can delve into whatever you enjoy reading, it’s totally up to you! 

NO.4 INSPIRATION > There are days when we feel stuck in this life & want to get well at any cost. A little inspiration can be really helpful to keep us motivated. The internet is full of inspiring quotes & pictures. You can also follow people on social media who post positive & encouraging stuff. The hashtag ‘inspiration’, especially on Instagram is a great way to find positive & encouraging quotes, pictures & stories. Finding inspiration is great just to boost positivity in general. 

NO.5 YOUTUBE / TV SERIES > My illness can cause me to lie on my bed for huge amounts of time. Sometimes I can feel stuck in my room & I have the long to go out & having exciting experiences. I completely understand, but for me watching TV series & YouTube videos is like forgetting the world & the illness for awhile. It’s a great to watch some of your favourites & a little laugh is always good for your health. 

NO.6 ARTS & CRAFTS > If you are well enough but also the arty, crafty kind of person, you can always go for something mindful colouring or any fun craft really. 

NO.7 MUSIC > I don’t think I really have to explain this one but focus on listening to music that uplifts you & makes you feel good. I’m always listening to music, it always puts me in a great mood!

NO.8 PAMPER YOURSELF > Us girls now how much a fresh coat of polish & a face mask helps up improve our mood. And you don;t have to do that on your own. It’s crazy how much the little things can make you feel so much better! 

NO.9 SIMPLY OBSERVE > This is something that I have gotten into the habit of doing most of the time. I just lie on my bed & observe anything & everything. It’s super soothing because you don’t have to spend your energy & yet you feel like you’re apart of the activity. This doesn’t necessarily have to happen in your own home, you can observe anywhere & anything you want. 

NO.10 PET THERAPY > As some of you may know I love my fur babies a tone load. There’s nothing better than pet therapy & you get to strengthen your bond with your fur babu on these bad days. 

While we struggle to live with serve illnesses, it’s not necessary to not be happy. Even if you can’t leave the house or bed, I think you can always find little things to make you happy. And if nothing works, just pull up your blankets & rest as much as you need. Remember that all days are not the same. Change is constant. You might be traveling to your favourite city this time next year! You just never know! 

B x

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