4 September 2016

Lush Cosmetics Haul

While I was on holiday I had the opportunity to pop into the local Lush store & pick up a few of my favourites & a few new products I wanted to try. I was gutted when I found out my local Lush store had closed down. Although I can order my heart out online, it's not the same as the amazing in store experiencing. 

'Our signature fragrance for bath time; oranges & multi layered spices. Karma is a fragrance that keeps on giving. Each time you catch a whiff of its many layered fragrance, you notice yet another thread in its multi personality. Bathe in a fluffy Karma bath & you'll generously perfume the whole house with it fragrance & yourself too.' 

Personally, I'm not a big fan of orange scents but I love the scent of this bubble bar. I didn't I would be a fan of this product but I recommend going into your local store & giving it a smell even if you're not a big fan of orange scents like myself. 

'Do you want to have a bath bomb? Do you want to splash & play? Enjoy the most magical soak in the kingdom with this shimmering blue bath bomb, which spills out rolling snowdrifts of silver lustre. Uplifting neroli from Tunisia & precious rose oil from Turkey are sure to spread a little sunshine & melt the iciest of moods. If your day's felt like a series of doors in your face, this shiny, sky blue bath bomb filled with sparkle provides the perfect fairytale ending. Step in, take a deep breath & let it go.' 

I really enjoy the scent of this product & I love how it makes your bath water look. It's beautiful & sparkly & perfect for an at home pamper night! 

'Avobath in the morning to help you face the day; its lemongrass & bergamot oils will pick you up while also tackling dryness with avocado & olive oil. It contains lustre, which gives a shimmering green effect to the water, but will leave your skin feeling dazzling without the dazzle. It also contains lots of mashed avocado & olive oil to tackle dehydration, making this an excellent choice for dry skin suffers.' 

You all know how must I love avocado so when I saw this bath bomb I knew I had to try it. Not only do I love the scent of this product but I also love how moisturising it is for the skin.

'A good soak in a Honey Bee bath will soothe & cleanse the skin thanks to its wonder trio of honey, aloe vera & rhassoul mud, a clay mined near Morocco's Atlas Mountains. Honey is a wonder ingredient that soothes, retains moisture & is antiseptic & we add plenty of cooling aloe vera too. Rhassoul mud has natural cleansing properties & also helps condition & soften the skin.' 

This is definitely an old favourite of mine. It's a gorgeous bath bomb that helps keep the skin moisturised. The only disadvantage is that it makes it look like you're bathing in pee but at least it smells good, right?

'As soon as you drop this into your bath, tension is banished as the bergamot & frankincense oils are released. Bergamot is used in aromatherapy for anxiety, depression & nervous tension, & is both relaxing & uplifting as well as antibacterial. You'll soon feel calmed as frankincense oil helps slow down breathing & indices a feeling of wellbeing.' 

This was one of the first bath bombs I ever tried from Lush & it is still a solid favourite of mine. It has a beautiful scent & again it makes your bath water look super pretty. My favourite time to use this specific bath bomb is when I'm feeling anxious or if I've had a super busy & stressed day. It's super calming & relaxing. 

Let me know your Lush favourites in the comments below!

B x

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