11 August 2015


We all have those day where we are lacking motivation, our day seems to drag on for longer than it's needed, we're just not in the mood to even deal with our to do lists, and every little thing that comes up just annoys us. Here are my top eight tips for getting back on track to an enjoyable day.

#1: Ask yourself why? Why am so unhappy? Why am I not enjoying today? //
Take a few minutes to yourself and try and figure out why you're feeling so down and unhappy. Whether it may be anything to do with school, work or even maybe your personal life. Sometimes we just have to let our mood do it's own thing, let it take the path it wants to but if you're in the position to know why you're feeling the way you are, the sooner you'll be able to let it go. It can sometimes even come down to not starting your morning right, if you're not starting your morning right then it can affect your mood for the rest of the day! Tune in for my next blog post to see my top eight tips for starting your morning right!

#2: Can't control it, then why are you worrying about it //
Generally we are unhappy because we are to busy worrying about the things we can't control. When we have no control over it, it spends more time in our heads causing stress and worry that's not needed. Take a step back from what you're doing and accept the fact that you need to just keep going.

#3: Take a minute for yourself //
Of course you're allowed to take time out. Put those headphones in if you're aloud to, go for a short walk or go a grab a coffee. Take a few minutes away from your desk and all the papers. If you have to wait until specific break times, take yours to a quite place or somewhere where your around your favourite uplifting people!

#4: Being comfortable //
I know for myself that being comfortable is such an important key thing in my day and I'm lucky that my school uniform is reasonably comfy. However I do know that some school uniforms are incredibly uncomfortable and there isn't much you can do about that but if you're at work make sure you're wearing something that makes you feel comfortable and confident! There is no point in dressing in clothes that are going to make you feel horrible all day.

#5: Add colour and decorate //
For all those school students out there this could simply be using highlighters in your notes, using coloured pencils or pens. Just something that is going to brighten things up and not make everything look and appear so boring. In the way of working in office, decorate that desk of yours, and no I don't mean go out and buy the brightest pink paint you can find and give you desk a paint job, although that would be awesome. I'm talking more like a few photos and beautiful organisation bits that will brighten up your desk that way. It'll make you actually want to spend time there, because there is nothing worse than knowing you going to have to sit at a boring, colourless, messy desk all day.

#6: Tidy Up //
Do a quick tidy up of your work space. Organise everything where it needs to be and put a system in place so that you know where everything is, so when you need it, it'll be easy to find. Once you have a de-clutter of your desk and papers, your mind might feel a lot lighter and happier too.

#7: Do the hard stuff early //
It's so very tempting to leave the hard stuff to last I know but that will only leave you with dread of those tasks looming over you for the rest of the day. It can lead to you going home unhappy and in a foul stressed out mood. If you get those hard tasks done at the beginning of your day then the rest of your day is simple and as stress free as possible. Leaving work on something easy means a happier you at home.

#8: Get yourself in a good evening routine //
Having a set evening routine is great because you know what you're going home to, it's something to look forward to and it'll get you through those most stressful parts of your day. If you're looking forward to something after work or school then you're more inclined to get through the day with a smile on your face. Some of these treats may be a hot bubble bath, a glass of wine if you're aloud that of course, a wonder through your local shops or that new TV series you've been dying to start watching.

These are the thing to go through to ensure that my day is as happy as I can make it! Sometimes we are just going to have plain shit days, day's where we just want to scream but it's important to remind ourselves of why we are here and doing what we are doing. Compassion? Because you simply love it or because it'll better your future? Whatever it may be, it's all happening for a reason and try and enjoy as much as it as possible, you're only going to get to live that day once.

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