25 August 2015


We've all been there, we've all got to work or school and then realised that our hair, makeup or nails need a bit of a touch up! But don't fear, with the list of beauty products that I have complied to always have in your handbag you'll never be caught short again!

Cleansing Wipes //
Cleansing wipes are great if you need to freshen up a little bit but they are also great if you need to remove any make up or if you just mess up while re-touching. Cleansing wipes will do a great job without having to carry around make-up removers and cotton pads.

A Nail File //
When you have a nail file on you, you are going to stop broken nails before they even happen. A nail file is especially good for all those nail bitters out there, many of us tend to bite our nails when we are a bit stressed out. Instead of buying the cardboard files, try and reach for a glass or metal one instead. Cardboard files tend to break quite easily and become dull quickly too.

Dry Shampoo & A Tangle Teezer //
Dry shampoo tends to me my life saver more than I ever thought it would be! Nothing is more refreshing on a hot day than getting rid of those excess oils! There are so many different dry shampoos on the market but my favourite at the moment is definitely Batiste! And of course you could take any kind of small brush along with you but I find that tangle teezers are the perfect size and get rid of any tangles with root to end without being to painful! So keep your tangle teezer and your Batiste handy for when your hairstyle could do with a little boost.

Kohl Eyeliner Pencil //
Although liquid liner is a favourite, it can be very difficult to put on quickly and can be easy to muck up. You can use a kohl liner on your top and bottom lash line and it'll look just as great. You could also take a blending brush with you to blend and smooth over any spots you may have missed.

A Concealer //
Your favourite concealer is a must. You can use this for any unexpected blemishes or for any under eyes bags! Lets all be real, that 3PM meeting has rolled around and you aren't feeling particularly awake and those bags under your eyes aren't looking great, so a concealer is perfect for this! You never know when a spot will decide to pop up or those under eye bags will suddenly become visible.

Mascara //
Mascara is really good and a must have to the office as it's an amazing eye opener. You're going to need to find a good brush that'll let you layer on the mascara at the office, after school or work. A small brush will allow your lashes to separate and give a lengthening effect.

Lipgloss //
I would opt for a nice neutral gloss because it's a lot easier and there is less chance of any mistakes compared to applying a lipstick and having to apply all the time! You can never go wrong with a nude gloss.

This is what I tend to carry around with my in my handbag, so I hope this was somewhat helpful! Let me know what you like to carry around in your bag or what you keep at the office for your beauty emergencies!

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