23 August 2015


Getting caught up in social media and society can be rather dangerous, we all have these expectations and images in our heads of how we are meant to look or act in certain situations. We read articles whether they are online or not and we can take in all this toxic information without even realising it. We are burning ourselves out because of the enormous pressure we put ourselves under to perform perfectly all the time under, all aspects. You know, we are meant to have our lives all planned out and sorted by our early twenties but why? I often wonder why there is that pressure because there are so many things in life that can't planned, that we just have no control over. As humans we're going to go through so many changes in our life time, we're all going to make mistakes, we're all going to have our ups and downs but it's so important just to remember who are really are as a person, your values and your beliefs. At the end of the day this is your life, this is your adventure, do what's going to make you most happiest and make incredible memories!

I myself can get caught up in all this at the best of times, but for me it's all about look after my body and mind. After being diagnosed with mental illnesses I soon learnt to listen to what my body is trying to tell me. Whether you have a mental illness or not I think it's really important. Listening to your mind and body is really important to be able to work out what your body really needs. I perspective on this is that your given one body, you need to look after it as well as you possibly can and when I say body I'm not just talking about all your organs on the inside, I'm talking about the outside as well so like moisturising your skin, brushing your teeth, exfoliating your skin, your morning and night time skincare routines etc. And of course you want to be making sure you're eating well, drinking plenty of water, exercising and getting enough sleep too. These things all come down to simply looking after your body and loving yourself, plus don't forget your mind in apart of that as well. So looking after you mind is just as important if not more important than the rest of your body.

Love your body because you love yourself //
It's so easy to get overwhelmed and busy with your work load, whether that's at school or at work so don't forget how important it is to take care of your body as well. This simply means eating healthy, drinking plenty of water, exercising, getting a manicure or pedicure, a facial, a massage, all those things us girls love to get done to make ourselves look and feel decent. However remember you're not doing this for other people, you're doing this for yourself because you love yourself and are willing to take care of yourself!

I'm to busy, I don't have time for that crap //
Sometimes we get so involved with what we are doing we forget to take that time for ourselves or we get so stressed out and overwhelmed that that time you need to have for yourself has completely gone out the window. So something that I find works for me is that every day schedule at least one hour of 'me time'. Put that time in your planner so that you know that that time is specifically for you only. Have a relaxing bath, paint your nails, light a candle, read a magazine or book or whatever, do whatever you want but stay away from all the work stuff. This way you're not going to forget to take care of yourself!

Start nourishing your body with the right foods //
At the end of a long day the last thing we want to do is cook ourselves a meal, once we get home we tend to get a bit lazy and tired, then when this happens we tend to eat out or we just tend to reach for really unhealthy foods. My solution for this would be to plan your meals. On a Sunday night sit down at plan what you are going to have for the upcoming week, work out what you are going to need and then you can do you groceries on the Monday. This way you know what you have a cook each night when you get home and you can do any extra prep the night before! Drinking plenty of water as well of course, and remember your skin will so thank you for this later. Also take some time during the evening to get the following days snacks and lunch ready too.

Hang in there, quit the worrying and bitching and take a chill pill. You are exactly where you are meant to be right now. Calm down because it's all going to work out!

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