20 August 2015


If getting your sweat on in early hours of the morning is the only time you have spare during your day then it's totally worth resisting the urge to hit the snooze button and dragging yourself from your bed. To make it all worth the effort make sure you avoid some of these well known mistakes.

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Not Eating // 
Even though it's super early and the last thing you want to do is eat, not nourishing your body before your workout will slow down your metabolism and also means that you'll have no fuel for your workout. I'm not saying you need to have a huge breakfast before you workout but just something like half a banana or half a piece of toast with some avocado. You can always go home after your workout and enjoy your usual breakfast plus this also gives you something to look forward to.

Not Hydrating Yourself //
Just like your body needs food. you also need water. I definitely wouldn't recommend drinking heaps but just a small glass full along with your snack would be perfect.

Not Getting Enough Sleep //
Although exercise is very important, your body needs adequate rest. You just can't stay up until midnight and expect to be up perky and bright for a 0530AM workout. You need to get at least a good seven to eight hours sleep before your alarm goes off.

Organise Your Outfit //
The night before it's always a good idea to plan to wear the following morning for your workout. I mean lets be real it's bad enough having to be up that early without having to find that one missing sock!

A Boring Workout //
Don't schedule your workout fill of the things you really hate doing at the gym, if you were to then you'd be more inclined to miss that mornings session. Opt for something a bit more exciting, maybe a yoga class with your favourite instructor or your bestfriend. You want something that is going to be exciting and something that'll you'll enjoy that way you'll be more inclined to get up in the morning too.

Not Warming Up //
Not warming is important no matter what time of the day you plan to workout, but I do recommend take a few extra minutes in the morning just because this will not only warm your muscles up but it'll also get the blood flowing and help wake the brain up a little more. Then save all the stretching for after your workout when your muscles are warm.

A week ago I uploaded a post, 'Eight Ways To A Great Morning' it links perfectly into this post so if you haven't checked it out and would like to I'll leave a link here for you. Personally I prefer to workout in the evenings around 4PM and I normally workout for about an hour to an hour and a half but it all varies on how I'm feeling on the day. Although I like working out in the evenings I find myself at least once a week working out in the mornings and this is how I complied these tips along with some personal research. I hope this is going to be helpful in some way! I simply just love working out so lets share ideas, thoughts, and opinions!

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