1 October 2015


I personally love hosting girls nights in, whether it be with my mum, my sister or some of my closest friends. These are my tips and what I would normally do if I'm going to be hosting a girls night in.

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Get Your Invites Out //
This is the first thing you'll want to do. You most definitely could send out a group text or email but I love the idea and I definitely thing that there is something more special about sending out your invites. This is definitely an awesome chance for you to get creative and really explore you inner creativity. You could either do them by hand or whip something up on your computer and print it out, it's totally up to you!

Pick Up Your Essentials //
The day or night before you are going to want to pick up all your essentials. Food, drinks, and decor. I alway love decorating my room with fresh flowers, and in the way of snacks I would usually reach for some popcorn, and some ingredients for a cheese plate. Oh and of course we can't forget something yummy for desert.

Prep Your Space //
Your space can be wherever you want it to be, whether it's indoors or outdoors I don't really think it matters to much, obviously it's going to have to be suitable depending the weather but just wherever it's going to be comfy for you and your besties. A cozy boho vibe is personally favourite, with some comfy pillows and blankets. But options are endless really, you could decorate however you want to. Next you're going to want to set up for food and drink. Platers are always good when it comes to these kinds of events. You can just place everything out where it is easily accessible for your guests.

Welcome Your Guests //
You're going to want to make your guests feel as welcome as possible. Start up some simple conversation, offer them a drink and a snack.

Face Masks & Nails //
Now it's time for the pamper session to begin. After you and all your friends have caught up on everything that's been going on you can start your pamper session, you can start with whatever you like, face masks, manicure, pedicures, brows or just whatever you girls feel like doing. You could also get your friends to bring around there favourite pamper products.

Choose Your Movies //
Agree on your all time favourite movies to put on and just relax and enjoy your time together with your besties. I always really like to value this time with my friends and family, sometimes we get caught up in work or school that we tend to forget a little bit about our friends, and family members and of course it's so important to have them around!

B x

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