13 October 2015


We all know I loving having a morning and evening routine set in place, by the way keep a look out for my morning and evening routines at end of this month, early November. But I thought I would just mention three things that I do at the very end of every night to put myself in a positive mind set and whats really just going to make me feel great.

Grid Diary //
There is this amazingly awesome app on the App Store, called Grid Diary. This app allows you to adapt self reflecting question for yourself. You can ask yourself; How did my day go? Was I productive? Did I workout? You can adapt these to whatever is going to work for you, but one of my favourite questions to ask myself before I go to bed is, from today, what are 5-10 things that you are grateful for? This can be hard when you first start doing this, but it definitely does get easier the more you do it. I think asking yourself that question is a great way to put yourself back into a more positive mind set and be a lot more grateful for what you do have. It can be the smallest of things, it can be that you're grateful to be able to walk or see. It can be absolutely whatever.

Read //
I love to read, whether it's books, news articles, other peoples blog posts, I also use Wattpad quite a bit because there are some amazing stories on there written by you guys from all over the world. I find reading takes me to a complete other space of mind, I really get involved in the book and I tend to imagine how it all would play out in my read. I definitely find reading really relaxing.

Water //
I like to drink a fair amount of water before I go to bed, not only will your body thank you for it but so will your skin. Keeping hydrated is so important, so it's definitely something that I make sure I keep on top of during the day as well.

Those are the three things that I like to do before bedtime, and although I try and schedule at least a hour of me time a day this doesn't always happen depending on how busy I am. With that in mind, that's why I like to have these three bedtime habits, to actually make sure I am having me time no matter my day has been like.

B x

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