22 October 2015


Blogs are something I spend something a lot of time browsing and reading. Today I thought I would share with you guys who my current top three bloggers are.

All three of these girls have amazing content, and I alway's find myself back at their blogs reading their posts. I find myself also reading older post of theirs, either ones that I haven't read before or re reading ones that I found interesting.

Lily Pebbles //
Lily Pebbles is probably one of the most inspiring blogger I know and although I don't know her personally I feel as if we are friends anyway. Lily has a post up every morning at 930AM I believe and I alway's find her posts so informative. If you want to check out Lily's blog, I'll leave the link here for you. I think you'll really enjoy Lily's blog!

Anna aka Viviannadoesmakeup //
Anna has an incredible beauty blog and I love it. Anna also uploads daily. I love the way that Anna has her blog set out, I find it so visually appearing. Anna post's are so relatable and I also love it when Anna uploads fitness post every now and then. Again, just like Lily's post I find them very informative and just really great to read! If you'd like to check out Anna's blog then feel free to hit the link here. I'm sure you'll love her as much as I do!

Victoria aka inthefrow //
Holy moly, can we talk about how simple and classic Victoria has set out her blog! It probably has to be one of my favourite set ups. I believe that I have talked about Victoria here on my blog before, and most likely Anna and Lily too. But I can't get enough of Victoria's blog, her content is incredible and her pictures are stunning. To this day, my favourite post that Victoria has done is 'The Cost Of True Fashion' and I'll have it linked here if you are interested in checking it out and I highly recommend that you do. Also if you want to check out Victoria's blog here if you haven't checked it out already and I hope you're going to love her as much as I do!

B x

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