27 October 2015


If you've been reading my blog for awhile now, you'll know how much I love a good morning and evening routine. My morning routine is something I know that I can rely on to give me a great start to my day no matter what has happened the day or night before. I feel like that although I'm not to much of a morning person, it's still great to have some kind of routine. I'm always adapting these to what's going to work best for me at the time so I thought that I would share my updated routine with you. I've decided to leave times out of this post just because the timing around my morning routine varies so much due to whether I'm busy or not that day. But with that all being said let jump right into it.

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The time I wake up definitely varies due to what time I went to bed the previous night. However around 1030AM is the latest I will wake up. I don't tend to set an alarm, I like to allow myself to wake up naturally, unless I need to be someone a bit earlier then in that case I'll have my alarm set.

 Within the next thirty minutes of waking up I'll allow myself to check social media, so Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and just take a moment to catch up on anything I might have missed while I was sleeping. Sometimes I won't spend this long at all, I'll usually just take my time though and really allow myself to wake up.

After checking social media, I'll head to the kitchen to make myself a drink and to get a bite to eat. In this time, while having breakfast I'll take the opportunity to check emails and read a little bit. Whether that's the current book I'm reading at the moment, a blog post, a magazine or what not.

Then it's time to head to the bathroom, it's time to freshen up. I don't always shower in the morning, I'll generally shower at night but again it just depends what I have planned for the day. I will clean my face, brush my teeth, moisturise. Then I'll continue through to my bedroom to do my hair, makeup and get dressed. It can take me awhile to choose want I want to wear but by this time I generally can tell, from outside, what the weather is going to be like for the day.

And that's my morning routine. Honestly, it's gone back to being pretty simple and I love simple. It's coming into summer here in New Zealand and I honestly am so excited for the warmer weather!

B x

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