11 October 2015


I'm a bit of a schedule freak. I like to know what I'm doing and when exactly I'm doing it. Recently I've had a clean out and sorted out my slight scheduling issues. I use to always have to do lists, diaries, note paper, calendars and bits everywhere, I even had it all on my iPhone and iPad as well as on paper, everything use to just be all over the place. Today I though I'd share my tips with you to stop over scheduling your life, and what will help lead help lead a balanced life style.

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#1 Find Out What Your Essentials Are
What do you prefer? Try and boil it all down to the most essential schedules. I couldn't live without a calendar, some kind of note taking system as well as my good ole to do lists. Now obviously you don't have to do a paper and digital, you can just do whatever is going to suit you best. Personally I do both. 

#2 Establish An Outcome or End Goal 
While working so hard to complete everything you need to do in a day, you want to be able to identify what you're working towards, what's going to be the outcome of all this hard work. Personally, if I know that kind of outcome that I'm aiming or if I know specifically what goals I'm wanting to achieve then I'm more likely to stick to my schedule. I think being able to visualise your end goal is really helpful.. 

#3 Don't Make Time That You Don't Have 
By this I mean, make sure your allowing to have days or specific parts of your day to yourself. Plan your week in a way that it's ok if certain things don't get done by Friday, they then can be completed on Monday. This can be hard if you're living a busy life style, but it's really important to spend some time away from you scheduled life and take some time for you. It could just be taking some time to read, go to the gym, or sitting down and reading your favourite blogs. 

#4 Be Spontaneous 
When I say this I don't mean go sky diving or anything crazy like that! What I mean is accept a invite out for dinner with your friends, travel away for the weekend, have some friends over at the last minutes to have a fun games night in. This is creating something fun in your schedule, something that you're going to see in your diary and look forward too. 

#5 Communicate With Friends
While we can all get caught up with what's going on in our personal lives we can sometimes forget about those who really care and love us most. Although you may not have time to actually physically see them, flick them a text. Keep them in the loop about the different aspects of your life. I know that they'll appreciate it and it's going to help you feel less burnt out and stressed. 

I definitely think if you follow these steps it's going to help you have more control over knowing what's going on in your life and help you know when you have spare time for other things including yourself, friends and family.

B x 

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